Noleggio studio fotografico sud italia Versione italiana

Rent photographic studio south Italy


Choose to work with the best photographic equipment: Leica, Hasselblad, Profoto, Eizo, Manfrotto, Avenger ...

DGtales provides various solutions for the rental studio equipment:
-from the individual lights flash light patterns more complex;
-the camera only to whole kit;
-from practical accessories such as backdrops, stands, and monitor, to a room full installation and functional.

The exposure room of about 150 mq, complete with professional equipment is the ideal place for the realization of photo shoots, commercials, industrial films, video clips, photography courses, workshops, etc. ..
Dgtales offers to professionals  the opportunity to enjoy what is necessary to professionally manage the entire workflow.
Thanks to a constant technical advice that you just have to think of photography, leaving us with the management of the entire equipment.

We also provide complete production services for photo shoot including transport, permits, technical vehicles. We provide various levels of catering, in studio/on location and others photographic services.


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